Character Sketch-Kongphan, the man who has no face

Character Sketch – The Man Who Has No Face

Name Kongphan (known as the man who has no face)  Kongphan
Age Around 20
Gender Male
Character type Hero/Protagonist/Dynamic
Biography Kongphan, whose name then was unknown, used to be the young almighty God of Black dwelling in the heaven sphere. His elder brother, the God of White, somehow went through a drastic change of mind and cast him out of heaven for a secret reason in the constant war against the inferno sphere. When he fell to the earth sphere, his being of ego was split into several lesser beings together with his personalities and virtues, scatter across the earth and other worlds. Being only one of the shards, he lost almost all of his divine powers and became a mortal. With both the perplexity and vow of vengeance burning in his heart, Kongphan embarked on a journey for convalescence (rehabilitation) beyond and the answer to the fate of him and his brother.
Appearance Before fall: Pure being of black and maybe seen in humanoid shape

After fall: A young man about 1.73m high wearing a black thick robe with his face always concealed in the shade of the hood.

Personality Being mortal, Kongphan appears to be cold and indifferent, but he has a warm heart hidden deeply. He never says too much and always chooses to act on his own. He prefers solitude but also yearns for friendship and others’ affections. In a mortal way, he is truly a perfectionist and a romanticist.
Relationship Like pillars in a temple, he is the central one. Befriending with his other lesser beings, he then gets closer to his wholeness.
Combat style Depending on the player’s choice, Kongphan will vary in his profession, but always remain in a dark-oriented combat style.
Abilities Kongphan is initially deprived of his divine powers. As he convalesces and gets complements from his companions, he will rediscover his lost powers of black and darkness, varying according to his determined profession(s).



Game Pitch: Ludic Sketch-The Dualistic Life of Day & Night

This is a conceptual design of a game which combines some aspects of the other two: The Sims and King’s Bounty: The Legend. Note that this is a design on selected aspects.

Game genres are blurring

The Tales of Brunel is settled in a dualistic world

The two states/modes are intertwined and interactive. The player will experience relative consequences caused by his behaviours in both day and night time

Day: Life Simulation (Reality)

Night: Role-playing with Turn-based Strategy Combat (Dream) The characters’ spirits comes out of their bodies and then venture forth into the fantasy dream realm hidden from reality

Aesthetics: Derived from King’s Bounty: The Legends

The story is a contemporary fantasy about a group of young people at Brunel standing against the plot of 2012

Half-real and half-imaginary graphics

Well-orchestrated music in adventure and combat

Interface: Control panel – every control and player status

Radial action menu in combat (applied on enemy and characters themselves)

Avatar: From a free overlooking view

In the whole game even in battles all units are heroes

The content in the UI changes between day and night, but the avatars the still in player’s control

Game Economics:

Day: Use credits

Night: Amount determined by Credits as one’s consumption level and view is influenced by the disposable income subconsciously

Cupcake: Character developing, artifacts, feats, rewards…but no XP or Leveling-up!

The cupcake pleases the player and also the avatars he controls

Death: In real life, normally death is caused by old age but this is not taken in to account because of the game’s time period

Two major factors in The Sims: Hunger and out of Energy

Reality affects Dream: e.g. if the character has low energy in the day time he/she won’t have good combat performance

Dream reflects Reality: e.g. in dream you die, you die in reality e.g. the cupcake

Chance: Use of random factors: random number based mechanics

Majorly Chance is applied to the game at night

But also has subtle effect on encounters in day time

Looking forward: The Grand Game/Game of every game– everything

PPTX: The Dualistic Life of Day & Night