Variations on the main menu theme of Heroes of Might and Magic III HN.12

This is my late tribute to the 20th anniversary of Heroes of Might and Magic.

Based on the main menu theme of HoMM3 by Paul Anthony Romero, this work is composed of 12 variations, not of composition norms and conventions, but more of music styles, in the ear of a contemporary listener, listening music from old to new.
I started writing this work from September 2015 and kept on writing in my spare time until I finished it on January 06 2016.
Salute to @PAULanthonyROMERO Mr. Romero!

Variation I Quasi-Canon

Varaition II Quasi-Minuet

Variation III Quasi-March

Variation IV Quasi-Nocturne

Variation V Quasi-Scherzo

Variation VI Quasi-Waltz

Variation VII Quasi-Toccata

Variation VIII Quasi-Berceuse

Variation IX Quasi-Elegy

Variation X Quasi-Minimalism

Variation XI Quasi-Fugue

Variation XII Quasi-Fantasia


Played by Synthesia

Audio on SoundCloud