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Work and Internship experience
07/2016-current Level Designer at Ubisoft Shanghai

Currently assisting the Level Design Technical Director on the pre-production work for an unannounced AAA project.


·      Unannounced Project

Assisting LDTD on level design and gameplay feature researching and prototyping, including scripting, quest and open world activities, AI direction and investigating the approaches to implementing certain game features for specific project requirements.


04/2014-06/2016 Junior Level Designer at Ubisoft Shanghai

Have taken role of level designer for two major AAA projects and also taken part in the design and implementation of the FPP of a special game mode for an unannounced AAA title.


·      Unannounced Project

Worked on the feature design and UI integration for the FPP of a special game mode for an unannounced AAA title.

·       Far Cry Primal

Level Design for a main mission in Far Cry Primal:

Worked with Level artists and Content Director on the layout of the level, logic and flow of the mission and exotic gameplay features in this mission.

·       Far Cry 4: Valley of the Yetis DLC

Level Design for Valley of the Yetis DLC:

Worked on Open World design tasks with a great team, including OW encounters, wildlife, side quests and other general gameplay elements implementation.


12/2013-03/2014 Game Design Intern at 37 Interactive (Official website: 上海乐卓)

Learned and understood the design of the current project and gave feedback. Also responsible for providing additional QA and customer service. Taken part in game reviews.

Education and Training
09/2013-01/2014 Game Academy (Shanghai, China)
36th Game Design Class

Key Modules: Game Design Basics, Design of Mobile Games, Design of Video Games, Level Design (with UDK), Tools of Design, Art Basics of Design and UI, MOD Design and Development, Programing Basics and Scripts, Game Operations, Design of Web Games, Design of Casual Games, Design of MMOs.

09/2012-09/2013 Brunel University
MA Digital Games: Theory and Design with Merit
Key Modules: Critical Approaches, Game Design I, Game Design II, Socio-Cultural Approaches

Dissertation: Design and Implementation of Variations on a Dream, a music experiencing game. Gained comprehensive game design, prototyping and development experience, particularly on the interrelated level design and music composition.

09/2008-06/2012 Southwest University of Science and Technology, Mianyang, China
BEng (Hons) Software Engineering
Result: 1st Equivalent to UK BEng Honours Degree

Dissertation: Design and Implementation of a 3D Maze Puzzle Game (in English). Developed excellent research, English reading & writing, design document writing, communication and analytical skills together with good time-management and Unity development experience using C#

09/2005-06/2008 Yibin No.3 High School, Yibin, China
National College Entrance Examination
Equivalent to UK A level standard
Personal Game Design, development, research and evaluation experience
03/2014 Reviewed three mobile games: DotA Legends(《刀塔传奇》), Ancient War and Farm Heroes Saga
03/2014 Concept design for Walking Two, an action maze game designed for two fingers and mobile platforms. Created a concept design document and a playable prototype
02/2014 Level design for Agent S, a first-person space adventure and role-playing game. Created a level design document
11/2013 Concept design for Break out of Earth, a new one-button breakout mobile game. Created a concept design document and a playable prototype
05/2013-09/2013 Designed and developed Variations on a Dream, a music experiencing game featuring unique interactive music appreciation experience, puzzle and platform adventure gameplay correlated with music, interrelated level design and music variations and special game environment and GUI design which highlight the audio signals
02/2013-04/2013 Designed and pitched Quantum Rose, an unconventional 2D platform and puzzle game featuring interactive storytelling; Developed a playable prototype; Evaluated the whole design critically
02/2013-04/2013 Researched into the different cultural sources and representations of magic in western and Chinese fantasy RPGs
Essay of socio-cultural analysis of digital games:
Magic or magiCDo Culturally Specific Sources Inform Differences in the Representations of Magic and Its Uses in Western and Chinese Fantasy RPGs?
03/2013-04/2013 Conceptual design of a music action adventure game The Last Muse, as the Lead Designer of Team Auricle in Dare to be Digital 2013 Competition (non-final contestant)
01/2013-02/2013 Designed and developed three small game prototypes, each exploring a gameplay issue
12/2012-01/2013 Researched into game aesthetics and issues of video game as art
Essay of critical analysis of digital games:
Why Can Journey Be Considered as an Art Game in Terms of Aesthetics?
12/2012-01/2013 Designed puzzles in the puzzle adventure game The Tesla Files as the Lead Designer of a course group and pitched it in class; Developed a prototype for an AC motor puzzle; Evaluated the whole design critically.
11/2012 Essay of critical analysis of digital games:
Close Textual Analysis on Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes (PC)
10/2012-11/2012 Designed the concept of a multiplayer action game Seconds Count (Wii-U) and pitched it in class;

Designed the concept of a simulation/role-playing hybrid game The Tales of Brunel and pitched it in class;

Created the profile of a player character—a fallen God named Kongphan

07/2011-06/2012 Designed and developed a 3D maze puzzle game Art Maze with Unity, featuring randomly generated mazes of themes of music, fine arts, literature and film and relevant puzzles
03/2011 Conceptual design of a topic keywords-oriented game dialogue system
09/2010-11/2010 Conceptual and partial content design of a SIM/RPG/TBS game The Tales of SWUST, combing gameplay elements of western and Japanese/Chinese RPGs and TBSs
  School of Computer Science and Technology in Southwest University of Science and Technology, Mianyang, China
2008-2009 Officer of the Art Department of Students’ Union

Participated in the fresher welcoming performance;

Took part in organising the year’s art and entertainment activities;

Performed for people in an earthquake stricken area;

Developed organisational, communication and teamwork skills with a broadened vision

2008-2012 Committee member of class in charge of art and entertainment

In charge of art and entertainment activities of the class;

Organised an informal choir and performed for local rural seniors ;

Helped me in developing leadership and executive capability

additional skills
Worked as team leaders in different teams in Southwest University of Science and Technology, mostly in course groups;

Took on the roles of lead designer of a team on Game Design module at Brunel University and Team Auricle in Dare to be Digital 2013 Competition

Worked in a multidisciplinary team on AAA titles in an international video game company

Can communicate ideas efficiently in both oral and written forms; Gained much experience from game pitch exercises of the master course and in the conception stage of past and current projects
Can study and work independently on a given goal or task with whole efforts and good time management for a long term, the BEng dissertation written in English which took me one year to work on and other personal game projects being examples
Can adapt easily to different cultures and environments. I’m always ready and open to new environments and challenges.
With notions of innovation, especially on game design related areas. Practical works include full game, playable prototypes and various conceptual designs
Cognitive Skills
Can appraise and evaluate conceptual designs and actual games and apply to research and practical work;

Can conceive and execute a small game design project and level design independently and in a team

IT Capability and Avid Learner
Acquired advanced skills and experience thought taught classes and practical project works;

Familiar software includes but no limited to: Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Visio and Project), Microsoft Visio Studio, Adobe Audition, Photoshop, UML Modelling tools, Finale, Sibelius, Multimedia Fusion 2, 3DS Max, Unity and UDK;

Programming languages mastered: C++, Javascript and C#; I’m always eager to learn new skills.

Music Literacy
Learned music theory together with some piano skills; Have composed several music works;

Acquired ABRSM Music Theory Grade 5

Fluent in both spoken and written English (IELTS 7.5);

Native Chinese Mandarin speaker

Major awards
11/2012 Brunel University
Brunel International Scholarship Award
06/2012 School of Computer Science and Technology in Southwest University of Science and Technology
Excellent Graduate Award
12/2011 The 5th (2011) China (Chengdu) International Software Design & Application Competition
Excellent Award in Online Game Development Competition
05/2010 2010 National English Contest for College Students, China
First Prize in Band C
interests and activities
Digital Games Have genuine interest not only in playing games but also in creating and studying them
Sci-Fi and Fantasy Enjoy reading Sci-Fi & Fantasy and watching related films and try to create my own stories; Held the interest to compare western and Chinese works
Music Fanatical about Classical Music with self-learning outcomes
Game works
Music works
Daniel Leafe
Sergei Titarenko
Li Chong
Justin Parsler
Steve Jackson





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